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See current Schedule in the table below.  See Rates in the left column.

CLICK HERE for the Registration and Sign Up Form.

You can send a check made to Positively Gymnastics.
       Please print the form or call to have one sent to you.  
       Send completed form and check to us at the address provided below. 
       You can also register/signup  by check at any of our class or start-up meetings 

     Positively Gymnastics

 "Building Firm Foundations 
    For Sports and Life"

    4:00 --Beginner                 
    5:00 -  Advanced Beginner         
    5:30 - Pre-TeamTeam

    4:30 - Beginner/Adv Beginner    
    5:30 - Intermediate
    6:30 - Adv Beginner

Parents are welcome to stay and watch but please do not distract as this may be a safety issue to the class.  Our interaction with the class members will be POSITIVE.  Your interaction is watcher only. THANKS!

    4:30 - Pre-Team.Team

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